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Greensboro Content Marketing Basics

If you are just now putting your toe in the water toward content marketing, you have made a great decision. Here Content Marketingare some basics in content marketing to help you while marketing Greensboro or any another geographic area.

The importance of content marketing has been greatly under-estimated as many are now realizing that they are falling behind competitive pioneers in content marketing.

Here are Fourteen Fabulous Fundamentals

  1. You must have original content and it must be engaging
  2. Build Trust with your brand and identity
  3. Identify with your customers with transparency
  4. Research your competitors and their content
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Marketing Principles for Change Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Marketing Principles for Change

Marketing Principles for Change Part 1

With the myriad of new technology and tracking available in Greensboro marketing or the regional and national marketing campaigns, it is easy to be caught like a deer in headlights with fear that the next movement could be your last. The digital and traditional marketing platforms are changing rapidly with how people spend time on those media outlets. People are getting more and more mobile with smartphones, tablets and laptops. About 5 billion of the world’s 7 billion population will use smartphones in 2014 according to eMarketer.

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Get More Business Online or Offline

Here’s some quick ways for you to get more business for your Greensboro marketing efforts or possibly for other geographic locations across the country. There are many marketing techniques that will work effectively and they don’t require a marketing consultant to implement.

Simply try a new technique when you craft your next marketing message. If the marketing hook is the same old stale idea, then a new technique or approach to your messaging could bring in new customers to check out your products or services.

Phone with App Icons

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Marketing Campaigns to “Trade Up” are Now Out

By Monte Brackett

The latest on mass affluence is not promising.  The US suffered a huge financial blow during these last few years of economic downturn and the biggest losers were the middle-class consumers.  These make up nearly half of the Americans who are now “financially fragile”.  Per the Pew Center who found in a 2009 TNS Global data report, this group makes up 45 percent of Americans who could not come up with $2000 in 30 days to pay for unexpected emergencies.  In the Ad Age/Digitas report, consumers over the age of 35 in the $100,000-$199,000 income range have lost ground or find themselves hard pressed to stay even with the lifestyle they had prior to 2007.

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Clever Church Calling in this Stethoscope Video

By Laurie Brackett

Churches are using creative marketing strategies to attract members with clever messages.  This clever message help keep their targeted non-religious person attracted using video and music until the end of the spot.  Does your church organization use clever messaging or innovative distribution to encourage membership?  Send us your church’s creative and we will post the most creative version.


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