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Get More Business Online or Offline

Here’s some quick ways for you to get more business for your Greensboro marketing efforts or possibly for other geographic locations across the country. There are many marketing techniques that will work effectively and they don’t require a marketing consultant to implement.

Simply try a new technique when you craft your next marketing message. If the marketing hook is the same old stale idea, then a new technique or approach to your messaging could bring in new customers to check out your products or services.

Phone with App Icons

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Social Media 2014 Landscape

ID-100211380First of all, you can count on Social Media becoming a main entrée for your meal and no longer a side dish. This is something in a meal that you must have and not something that you could have or should have. If you haven’t yet integrated your social media with your content strategy, you will need to incorporate this into your marketing plans to help with lead generation, referral traffic and sales revenues. Your online media buying and planning will also be very critical as you move into 2014.

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8 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Today we are discussing 8 tips for mastering social media marketing for your business. There are hundreds of tips we can share but here are just 8 to start with! Please keep in mind, most or all of these tips are for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

1. Share content

The number one most important rule for social media is to share original content. It can be your own or it can be others’ but you must remember to share. Otherwise, your followers will find you boring or uninteresting.

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How Much Social Media is Right for Your Company?

How many social media platforms should your company have a presence on?

It depends on your social media strategy. What do you want to carry out?

Ask the questions of:

  • Ultimately what do we want our fans and followers, which can be comprised of customers, peers, employees, board members, competitors, prospects, to come away from after visiting our platforms?
  • What is it that people want to know and hear from us?
  • How many people in your company have you set up as your social media interface?
  • What kind of time are we dedicating to this marketing outlet?
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Search and Social Marketing Importance

By Monte Brackett

It is very important that you create content for your website that visitors will find informative and useful. Content is still king if you want to be discovered in search results. Some planned thought processes and content investments in your website will have your site rank better in the search engines.  Search engines still remain an important factor for your site to be discovered by customers and prospects. All search engines are looking to provide relevant content to their users.

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