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Get More Business Online or Offline

Here’s some quick ways for you to get more business for your Greensboro marketing efforts or possibly for other geographic locations across the country. There are many marketing techniques that will work effectively and they don’t require a marketing consultant to implement.

Simply try a new technique when you craft your next marketing message. If the marketing hook is the same old stale idea, then a new technique or approach to your messaging could bring in new customers to check out your products or services.

Phone with App Icons

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Choose the media based on the strategy

Each media has a purpose.

Choose the media based on the marketing strategy.

Broadcast TV – To reach the masses with a single :30 spot. Reach is the goal.

Radio – To reach narrowed, targeted, niche groups of people with frequency being the goal.

Trade Publications – One business talking to another.
Cable TV – “Radio with pictures.” Same goal – same objective.
Consumer Magazines – To reach upscale people in their leisure time with high ticketed items.

Outdoor – A “reminder” medium. Similar to a :10 spot in broadcast. Good to reach the masses with reach and frequency the goal.

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6 Pay Per Click Pitfalls to Avoid

By Monte Brackett

If you are implementing your own PPC campaigns, here are some common pitfalls to avoid that could potentially be costing you money and time.

  1. Improperly setting up your PPC campaign initially -   set up can be very time costly for a business. Setting up your account and your campaigns will be the first thing required to begin your PPC campaign and if it is not set up right it will be problematic throughout the campaign. You need to test, track and modify your ads during the set up and properly create your ads that convey the proper messaging within very limited spacing.
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Online Ad Spending Continues at Double Digit Growth in the US

by Monte Brackett

Online ad spending will continue to increase as more and more avenues are developed for specific target marketing. The illustration below shows how much is being spent online and what is projected in the next 4 years. 2010 is now showing signs of widespread online shopping from mobile phones. This mobile or smart phone could begin to act as your purse or wallet in coming years.

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Media buying and planning – why hiring a media buyer will save you money

In broadcast media, one of the two ways media buyers and sellers measure cost-efficiencies is by CPP or cost-per-point. Cost-per-points are what keep buyers within their budgets. Buyers rely on Sqad or Media Market Guide to tell them what a CPP should be in an upcoming quarter, by market, by day part. Both services are very reliable in their reporting. CPP are based on the rating for a TV program relative to the cost. Ex. if the program cost $100 and the rating is a 5 then divide it and you come up with a $20 cost per rating point.

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