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Marketing Principles for Change Part 1

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Marketing Principles for Change Part 1

With the myriad of new technology and tracking available in Greensboro marketing or the regional and national marketing campaigns, it is easy to be caught like a deer in headlights with fear that the next movement could be your last. The digital and traditional marketing platforms are changing rapidly with how people spend time on those media outlets. People are getting more and more mobile with smartphones, tablets and laptops. About 5 billion of the world’s 7 billion population will use smartphones in 2014 according to eMarketer.

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Local Directory Marketing

Sample Local ListingsIt is very important that you are discovered as people are searching for products and services when they are using one of the hundreds of local directory listing services in the marketplace. The local listings have some extremely compelling data for local Greensboro Marketing or local marketing within your given city. There are several hundred directories that give your business the potential of being discovered with an opportunity to obtain local business from those consumer searches. Enclosed is a small sample listing of just a few of the local directories.

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Get More Business Online or Offline

Here’s some quick ways for you to get more business for your Greensboro marketing efforts or possibly for other geographic locations across the country. There are many marketing techniques that will work effectively and they don’t require a marketing consultant to implement.

Simply try a new technique when you craft your next marketing message. If the marketing hook is the same old stale idea, then a new technique or approach to your messaging could bring in new customers to check out your products or services.

Phone with App Icons

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Maximizing Your Inbound Marketing

Greensboro ProspectingIt’s should not be a surprise to you or our business that mobile marketing is a must for your marketing strategy if you want to evolve and survive in 2013 and beyond. Mobile is the “Now”! Another thing to maximize your Greensboro marketing is to Stop Selling and Start Telling. Yes, that’s right Stop Selling! There are literally hundreds of social marketing outlets that you should be using to tell your company’s story. I don’t mean put a page up and leave it to die a slow and miserable death. I am referencing video content, case studies, testimonials, checklists, e-books and numerous other ways to tell your story where you interact with prospects and customers. If you are scared to jump in to an unknown realm, it’s okay. Assistance from a Greensboro Marketing Agency or a NC marketing firm is recommended to ensure that you are properly managing your social marketing outlets.

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6 SEO Tips for 2013

ID-100121000I hope you learned many things from 2012 and the many updates from Google. First and foremost, I hope you learned to diversify just as you do with a stock portfolio. You cannot keep all of your SEO Traffic eggs in one basket. In 2012, you saw the Penguin update, countless Panda updates and the crackdown on Exact Match Domains. This only scratches the surface for changes in 2012, but stay tuned for much more in 2013. Need help with SEO? Princeton Marketing is a search engine optimization specialist.

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