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Greensboro Content Marketing Basics

If you are just now putting your toe in the water toward content marketing, you have made a great decision. Here Content Marketingare some basics in content marketing to help you while marketing Greensboro or any another geographic area.

The importance of content marketing has been greatly under-estimated as many are now realizing that they are falling behind competitive pioneers in content marketing.

Here are Fourteen Fabulous Fundamentals

  1. You must have original content and it must be engaging
  2. Build Trust with your brand and identity
  3. Identify with your customers with transparency
  4. Research your competitors and their content
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Why do I need a marketing plan?

First, you will need to have a strong desire to be successful because all successful companies have a well planned and executed marketing plan. Many components comprise their marketing plans and they may vary depending upon whether you are a B2B company, B2C company, a manufacturer, a retailer, a service company, a reseller, a non- profit or other specialty business.

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Reevaluate your sales cycle

So the phones are not ringing off the hook, don’t allow your staff or sales representatives to stall and lose momentum during this time. Take this time to reevaluate your sales cycle. Are the right systems in place for making sure that a prospect is being provided the right information to be converted to a buyer? If you are losing traffic due to the economy the prospects that do come in should be catered to. Surprisingly, several businesses have gaps making the conversion.

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How Much Brand–Building Power Does Promotional Swag Carry?

Does your brand have swag?

Promotional Items

Promotional Swag Princeton Marketing has created

You spend good money to develop a “creative” promotional swag that you give away at your trade show event each year.  But in the back of your mind you wonder, what happens to that swag give away after the trade show and does it provide leads or just sit in the trade show bag to get thrown out?

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Annual Marketing Tune-Up

Marketing ConsultingAt a recent business gathering I spoke with a business owner who was getting ready to conduct his annual marketing tune up.  He has been in business for twenty years and he contributes his long lasting business to this yearly ritual.

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