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Successful Marketing Tips in a Recession

Are companies in a marketing freeze as we await election results along with what will happen to taxes in Washington? We have companies giving their lowest approval ratings for the job Congress is doing in DC. With the uncertainties of election results, taxes, and healthcare costs for businesses, your marketing efforts have to be much more pinpointed in order to reach your targeted consumers. Over the past few years, consumers have less expendable income and they feel poorer. These conditions make people more frugal and cautious when spending their hard-earned dollars.

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A New Look with New Business Cards

How long have you had the same business card? Has it been a while? You might want to consider a new look. Here are a few inventive business card designs and materials that may inspire your next business card update.












Like what you see? Princeton Marketing is a creative ad agency that can design and print custom, creative business cards just for you. Contact us today, 336-854-0075.

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DC Entertainment Unveils New Brand Identity

DC's New BrandDC Entertainment and DC Comics recently unveiled a new corporate brand identity. These new logos will be used in the corporate, publishing, and multimedia arms of the company. In case you are unfamiliar with DC Entertainment, they are a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment and home to such iconic superhero brands as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

logo treatmentsThe new logos look and concept was described on the DC’s blog as:
“[the logo] uses a ‘peel’ effect – the D is strategically placed over the C with the upper right-hand portion of the D peeling back to unveil the hidden C – symbolizing the duality of the iconic characters that are present within DC Entertainment’s portfolio.”

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How Much Brand–Building Power Does Promotional Swag Carry?

Does your brand have swag?

Promotional Items

Promotional Swag Princeton Marketing has created

You spend good money to develop a “creative” promotional swag that you give away at your trade show event each year.  But in the back of your mind you wonder, what happens to that swag give away after the trade show and does it provide leads or just sit in the trade show bag to get thrown out?

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Are our U.S. brand values declining?

global moneyBased on an article written by Don E. Schultz, professor of Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University, in the October issue of Marketing News, American brands have lost their value.  Professor Schultz’s theory is based on the political turmoil and the S&P’s lowering of the U.S. credit ranking by one point, which has been the first time since 1917 when the ranking system started.  The U.S. as a country is now worth less today than it was a year ago.  ($1.176 Trillion less, or 9.3%, thanks to the lowering of that point.)  Brand strength is determined by several methodologies which directly tie into that country’s GDP (gross domestic product).  The GDP is separated into three segments; first -agricultural/forestry/fishing, secondary – manufacturing and industry, tertiary – services, financial, insurance.  To determine the country’s GDP, a royalty rate is identified to each of these three segments and then a total net present value of the brand today and the expectation of the future brand strength are given.  This calculation was derived using a weighted average cost of capital from Bloomberg.  From all of this, a National Brand Index is derived from all the brands in a specific country.

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