Online and Mobile Marketing Assessment

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As we come to our fourth in a series of marketing assessments for your business, we come to an online and mobile marketing assessment. This segment of assessments will have an important focus for you to be ready with Greensboro Marketing, Winston-Salem Marketing, High Point Marketing, or local marketing for your targeted marketplace areas.

The world is becoming more mobile by the minute and I recommend that you review Google and Nielsen’s partnership effort to better understand consumer habits in the mobile shopping process. is where you can find this and other relevant research.

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Marketing Evaluation Assessment

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As we move to the third assessment in our series, we will discuss marketing evaluation assessments in this blog edition. Marketing will require consistent evaluation to ensure that your business has success with marketing strategies and campaigns.

Here are some insightful questions as you begin to take your marketing evaluation assessment:

  • ID-10088972Are you tracking the effectiveness of each marketing component to know where your marketing is most efficient?
  • Does your business use search engine marketing, search engine optimization, blogs or news articles, and online display ads in your marketing campaign?
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Location, Location, Location

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As we move to the next assessment with your Greensboro marketing needs as it relates to your brand or brands, we will talk about location. You can use a push or pull approach with your location based marketing.

ID-100161512The push approach is more versatile and it not a requested service, therefore, it requires the users to opt-out. You can continue to target these people until they opt out from receiving your service. You as the advertiser have to abide by certain legal regulations as you are targeting someone for Greensboro marketing based ads. You also must respect and abide by the users choices.

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Brand Marketing Assessment

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We will start a series of Greensboro marketing assessments that can also be applied for regional or national marketing application. It is imperative to assess your brand for local Greensboro marketing needs and for regional and national marketing needs. The competitors in the marketplace change as well as a customer’s viewpoint for a brand. A customer’s values may change as they get married and have children versus the values they had as a single adult. They may have become a Christian whereby their values and beliefs changed. Many reasons will effect value changes for people. Your company has also changed as products and services are improved for better service and efficiency internally and externally.

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People are Living Online…Are you connecting properly?

People are living Across the Web, in Mobile Sites and in Apps. They are going online for a myriad of reasons and some of those reasons from per marketing consultants and researchers are:

ID-100109807To Learn: They may want to educate themselves or do some research or maybe to simply stay informed.

To Do Business: They may need to conduct work tasks, manage finances, or sell items online.

To Shop: They may be comparing items, researching items for their specific needs, or executing purchases.

To Socialize: They may want to share, connect with others or discuss something. They also like being part of a community and feeling like they belong.

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