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We will start a series of Greensboro marketing assessments that can also be applied for regional or national marketing application. It is imperative to assess your brand for local Greensboro marketing needs and for regional and national marketing needs. The competitors in the marketplace change as well as a customer’s viewpoint for a brand. A customer’s values may change as they get married and have children versus the values they had as a single adult. They may have become a Christian whereby their values and beliefs changed. Many reasons will effect value changes for people. Your company has also changed as products and services are improved for better service and efficiency internally and externally.

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People are Living Online…Are you connecting properly?

People are living Across the Web, in Mobile Sites and in Apps. They are going online for a myriad of reasons and some of those reasons from per marketing consultants and researchers are:

ID-100109807To Learn: They may want to educate themselves or do some research or maybe to simply stay informed.

To Do Business: They may need to conduct work tasks, manage finances, or sell items online.

To Shop: They may be comparing items, researching items for their specific needs, or executing purchases.

To Socialize: They may want to share, connect with others or discuss something. They also like being part of a community and feeling like they belong.

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How Millennials Buy

We talked about the Millennials in out last post and how they like to look for coupons in this social media age. Now, thanks to the guys over at Moosylvania, we can take a broader look at how this generation shops and identifies with brands.










There are 86 million Millennials in the US and they spend about $1.3 trillion on consumer goods. A valuable audience dose not like to be marked to, which is one of the challenges that face those trying to reach them. They value transparency and honesty above trends and gimmicks. They expect a brand to be upfront about questions they have and constancy in the service they receive.

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Coupons from Social Media

Everybody is looking for a deal, a way to save a little money, and social media is apparently helping people do that. A new Shopper Marketing Report from Valassis has gives the numbers on the growth of digital couponing, especially with Generation Y/Millennials. Of the consumers surveyed, 40% said that their uses of coupons went up in 2013.

For those who couponing has become the norm, almost a quarter of them have increased the use of smartphones it get those coupons:


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Tips for TV Buying

TVNow is a good time to update your marketing plans and move into a media plan to promote business. TV and the Internet are both the fastest means to communicate your message. Both media can be intimidating to get started in but with a well executed plan and budget the results are worth it. We strongly recommend a media buying firm like Princeton Marketing Group to assist you with media buying but should you

want to buy on your own make sure to do the follow for the success of your schedule:

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