Strategies on How B2B Companies Can Use Facebook Successfully

B2C business pages still dominate the Facebook arena but more and more B2B companies are setting up pages and pushing past just setting up a strong presence.  So how can you make your B2B Facebook campaign more successful?

Increase your fans—Every time someone “likes” your brand, they become a fan of your company.   Having more fans allows for an exponential increase of exposure of your brand. Their friends see posts and send to their friends and so forth, so increasing your fan base will increase your exposure.

You can increase fans with offline and online marketing promotions such as PURL campaigns, email campaigns, sign up to win, or just include a cause marketing plug where the non-profit of your choice gets a donation for every new “like”.  Facebook is a dynamic platform, so take advantage of the rapid access to information and content by plugging people into affiliated campaigns.  Tying in other company’s products opens up to new markets and demo groups.

Keep your wall active—This is usually the first page your fans see, and yes we do encourage you to keep this as your first point of contact, so making this page active and interesting is critical for influencer participation and commenting.  Post often and with content that is interesting to your fans, not just to you. Respond to your wall posts immediately.  This will show fans you are active and awake and care about their comments.

Highlight your offline marketing efforts—Leverage your marketing by letting your fans know about your TV ads, magazine ads or featured coupons.  Highlight seminars, presentations, company events or sponsorships your company is involved in.  And let your fans know when your company will be attending or sponsoring an event.  If your product is something you can sample, let your fan’s know when you are offering sampling opportunities.  This helps your distributor get their name out along will showing them support.

Let fans know about your charitable contributions—Facebook fans want to know all about your company so including any support your company provides to non-profits.  Have them contribute to your charitable giving’s and offer to double your giving’s with any contributions given within a set time.

Always offer positive, upbeat messaging—No one is interested in depressing company problems nor should it be shared in that venue.  Keep the comments light, short and relevant.  And when you get a negative post address it with courtesy and quickly.  Make sure you have a policy in place prior to getting negative posts and make sure you follow through with an action for that person.  If, for example, you have a disgruntled customer that is upset with delivery, respond to that person with a contact email.  Even though you may also follow up with this offline, it is important to show other readers how you handled that situation.

Use relevant media along with your posts—Add links, PowerPoint presentations, photos and video, and include other source content as well.  If you have several photos relevant to that post, set up an album first and add content to your album.  This will push out the first 3 photos to your wall vs. just one photo, plus you will have an album set up under photos that has more description you can send customers to.

Create photo albums and keep them well organized—date your photo albums and categorize them for easy access for your customers.  If you have samples that come out seasonally this is an easy place to house them for reps and customers to view them.  If you can’t show your products, show off your customer service reps or sales reps so your customers can see who they are working with on an ongoing basis.  Post photos of your employee award winners such as ‘Safety Driver of the month’.  Not only would this make your customers know this is an important part of your business but it will increase employee good will.

Encourage fan participation—Ask fans to comment in your posts.  If you are considering introducing a new product, color option or size option ask your fans what they think.  There are many ways to ask fans to participate in your posts.  Keeping fans active not only builds an active wall but it increases fan’s interest in your brand.  Put up a retro photo and ask fans to comment on the date, ask them to share a photo or comment relevant to a post, ask them how they feel about an event related to the industry.

Use call to action—use a Facebook welcome page as your main point of contact for non-fans.  This first impression should be a strong and clear message asking them to “like” your brand and what information you will be providing them as fan.  Many B2B companies use this “Like” us welcome page to get a specific first impression message out to their customers, vendors and sales reps.

If your business is looking to get involved in Facebook and you are in need of a strategy to get started or a Facebook welcome page, contact Princeton Marketing Group.

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