Marketing Principles for Change Part2

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Marketing Principles for Change Part2

Greensboro MarketingWhen your company targets the consumer audience, they need to market Greensboro or the intended area with a well oiled arsenal of personnel who understand the mission, vision and culture of the company. They should all be working together in the same orchestra with the same sheet of music. Likewise, you want to educate, retain, reward, and encourage innovative development from all staff members. How can the staff empower the company machine run more effectively and efficiently?

Principle 5: Advocate Ownership.

How do you instill an entrepreneurial mindset in your employees? You can ensure that your employees literally own a stake in their company with an ESOP. Probably more importantly you need to make sure that mission, vision and culture statements are created for the company. Each employee needs to fully understand the importance and buy in to that thought process. If they do not opt in that means they opt out. There is no gray area.

The only way to create organizational clarity is to communicate the same message at all levels within your company. Whether speaking to cleaning staff or board members, you need to make sure the message is identical. This is the mission and vision for the company. These are the initiatives and the action steps for implementation.

Principle 6: Hire and Retain Exceptional People.

You know the basics: Hire smart people, passionate people, people who fit your culture. However, when hiring people who must do the near-impossible, you have a challenge. You  must make it a priority to convince the best and brightest that you have an environment in which they can do their best work. Learn to use your strengths. They appreciate having access to needed materials with which to practice their specialty. Be sure you allocate the required resources for their success achievement.

On the other side of the equation, don’t be afraid to sever ties when the passion isn’t exhibited by employees. You certainly don’t want a virus to begin infecting other employees and you should genuinely want to see everyone have success. Maybe they simply need to be in another work environment.

Principle 7: Reward People for their efforts.

Yes, financial rewards are great. However, don’t forget the power of recognition and praise amongst peers.  Success always calls for a celebration and distinguished awards are a great tool for employees. The award has to be meaningful and contain specific merit related to carrying out the mission and vision. Again, you want everyone’s buy in to the mission, vision and culture of the company and this promotes those who implement those action steps.

Principle 8: Innovation Nation!

When you have an innovative culture, a culture filled with divergent thinkers who are encouraged to express their wildest ideas, you have something no competitor can create. It doesn’t matter that the ideas are absolutely off the wall. Do not squash their passion and excitement!

You may consider a flexible and relaxed workplace that goes outside of the traditional 9 to 5. Everyone is not a morning person so you want to successfully obtain the nest from people when they are at work. A diverse team with different backgrounds can also push your product forward as these individuals will have different approaches to solving a problem. You also want to encourage staff to take ample time off because a workaholic will not produce their best quality work when they get worn down. You want a fresh and excited work atmosphere.

We will discuss more principles for marketing change as we continue the series about Marketing Principles for Change. Princeton Marketing is a Greensboro NC marketing firm that will help achieve your business goals as we provide Marketing Management with Measurable Results. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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