Image is everything, but why? How to avoid creating a poor image

by Laurie Panas-Brackett

We live in a society where people can sum up a person or company within a few seconds and stereotypes are derived soon after.   That image can last a very long time and changing that perception can take a long time if it is ever changed.

A good first impression can create an image about your business that can earn you a customer and a spokesperson.

Friendly customer service person on the phone

Convey friendly customer service with a "smile"

How to avoid creating a poor image:

1- Make sure your company’s exterior and interiors are clean, professional looking and inviting.

2-Update your first touch points [will be doing a blog on this subject soon].  Improve your business cards, brochures, collateral materials, etc.  Sending out copied samples of materials can give off an impression that your business is unsuccessful.

3-Focus on your customer service which should always be one of the areas of your business that caters to your customers and prospects.

4- Be consistant with your service offerings and don’t make drastic changes often.  Read my previous blog on 6/28/11 

5- Keep your online presence updated and relavant including your website, blog and social media outlets.

6- Front end staff and outside technicians or sales reps should always be courteous, polite and extend their help with open and friendly body language and smiles.  Read my previous blog on Avoiding turning off customers with poor cell phone manners’. 

Your employees are walking image billboards for your company.  They can build up your company’s image or destroy it.  Make sure you have a dress code in place and a culture that invites positive interaction with customers and prospects.  This includes all staff members from the people who drive your company vehicles and deliver to your customers to the staff members that welcome customers at the front door.

First impressions, you only have one shot at making a good one the first time around.  Make a bad impression and you will spend a lot of money trying to change it.

Let me know if you agree.  How important are these items to you when you decide to do business with a company?  To learn more about building a business image contact Princeton Marketing Group.

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