Greensboro Marketing Critique for Super Bowl 2015 Ads

Paying 4.5 Million Dollars nationally for 30 seconds of air time needs to provide a memorable experience for viewers. However, this years commercials overall were not very memorable, and probably clouded a bit by the dead child. Overall the spots would be graded near a C plus or maybe a B minus.Football Stadium

The winners are Snickers with a Brady Bunch twist, Budweiser with the lost dog, Dove for Men, BMW with Couric and Gumble, and The Brilliant Bus with Microsoft.


The worst loser is Nationwide with a dead child at the Super Bowl…really? How is it possible that you still have that ad agency? How is it possible that they talked you into running this creative? What were these execs thinking? This spot is absolutely dumbfounding and will go down as the worst ever spot in the Super Bowl. Another loser is e-surance as they add even more gray lines of confusion to the insurance industry by having people think what else you may hiding. Coke then gave a very poor attempt to have people think that bullies will be calm and friendly when you spill liquid on a motherboard. Obviously this will ruin a computer and make someone absolutely furious. When has Coke, that is loaded with sugar and filled with caffeine, ever slowed or mellowed someone? And the last loser is Mercedes. They had all sorts of hype leading into the Super Bowl with the hare and tortoise and then provided an ad that was so typical and lame. Who didn’t know that the tortoise was gonna get in a car?

Most of the other spots have grades of C’s and D’s although Fiat did try some humor with a little blue pill. Great with the exception of having to explain to your children what the little blue pill did to the car and why that old dude wanted the pill so bad.

The halftime show was filled with action and excitement and loaded with great props and pyrotechnics. It was a 12-minute action packed show that certainly was a crowd and audience pleaser. The halftime show was very impressive and deservedly so with such a big stage.Logo Redesign 1.6

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