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Here’s some quick ways for you to get more business for your Greensboro marketing efforts or possibly for other geographic locations across the country. There are many marketing techniques that will work effectively and they don’t require a marketing consultant to implement.

Simply try a new technique when you craft your next marketing message. If the marketing hook is the same old stale idea, then a new technique or approach to your messaging could bring in new customers to check out your products or services.

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Generating more traffic to your website is another option. The more qualified people that visit your site drives up the conversion quantity. You can increase your (SEO) Search engine optimization efforts or simply start and SEO marketing campaign for your business.

You can also increase your paid online advertising schedule with various online and/or targeted social outlets or you can simply start a paid ad campaign to target specific audiences that are currently using your products and services.

PR is another great marketing technique to market Greensboro, NC or your targeted city. Greensboro PR Campaigns can implement the use of media outlets and trusted industry publications that will provide editorial for your business that yields a non-biased approach in the marketplace. It can also be used in your traditional marketing efforts for months to come as you can leverage that PR marketing.

Create an incentive referral program for your business to reward customers for bringing you new business. Give them a discount on a future purchase or give them a cash incentive per customer that they send you. Keep letting your existing customers know about the standing offer as it will be out of site and out of mind if they don’t remember the offer. This gives an incentive for a customer to refer friends and family above and beyond their great service experience.

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You can also just ask your customers for referrals. You will be surprised at how willing that many customers are to simply help you out. The only catch is that you can’t be afraid to ask.


You just simply have to prospect so you might as well smile and dial. Get a list, go through past customers, pull out your business cards or your contact list and start dialing. You may have a Yes and then some No’s, but it’s a numbers game. The more people you talk to as a prospect the more people you will close. Find your ratio of calls to closing and you will know how many people you need to talk to in a given month in order to close X amount of new business. For example: 10 calls and 1 close lets you know that you need to talk to 100 people at a minimum if you want 10 new sales in the next week or month. Your business may have a different sales cycle, but you get the point.

Social Media RelationshipsGet Your Network On and Be Social. Greensboro Social Marketing will help you to nurture your online reputation as others will do it for you. People love to chat about themselves and their activities. Give them a reason or an incentive to post, tweet, re-post, re-tweet, rate, review, blog or share their experience. More than 75% of online users are going to check rating and review on products and services before they buy anyway. If they are not talking about you in their circles or rating/reviewing/blogging about you then you are not going to be found by others just like your current customers.

Lastly, you may need to change your website so that people stay longer and keep coming back. More than 80% of people spend more time online versus in front of the TV now so you must keep them engaged as they visit your site. We previously talked about the stale messages in your marketing. This same concept applies with your website. If they keep seeing the same old thing on the site, they have no reason to return. You must keep your web content current and engaging for them to have interaction with your site.

Blogs or resource areas of a website are a great resource for new content and you will want to keep a close pulse for what people are viewing and reading as it relates to your products and services.

You can implement these ideas and techniques on your own or you may choose to hire a professional marketing consultant, an SEO marketing firm, or a PR firm. Princeton Marketing is a Greensboro marketing firm that specializes in SEO, SEM, mobile, social, and PR marketing. Contact us today and we will help to assess your marketing needs and develop a strategy and plan to achieve your target goals and objectives.

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