Cause Marketing Greensboro

As we approach the holiday season, you will begin to see more Greensboro Cause Marketing Campaigns that are launched where companies choose to support a  Greensboro marketing cause or they may elect to partner in a regional or national cause marketing campaign.

People in the local communities expect for local businesses to support local causes in their respective markets and these affiliations have translated into higher sales for the companies involved while at the same time providing donations to local charities. It is a win-win partnership that is generally garnered by the business having a first priority of giving back to the community. The strengthening of their brand grows over time with such affiliations and creates a stronger presence in the community for that business.

Here’s an example of an existing and a potential cause marketing campaign to help in your local communities.

A great tie-in for a cause marketing campaign could be a water company like LeBlue or any other

Fresh Water Boreholewater company aligning themselves with a non-profit like Meaningful Life International and helping to provide safe, clean drinking water to the people of Africa.  Many of the diseases in Africa are caused by unclean drinking water and therefore, fresh drinking water is a very high priority need in rural communities in Africa. Meaningful Life International has a program called BoreHoles and it provides a fresh water drinking source for rural  communities in and around Ghana. The costs for a single Borehole equal about $10,000 US Dollars.   


As you are aspired to get involved with a local Greensboro marketing effort in philanthropy, I recommend that you do your research before partnering with a charitable organization so that all ideas and concepts are discussed and fully understood in such a partnership agreement. We encourage your business to support the local communities because your business would not exist without the support from that local community.

Princeton Marketing Group has helped numerous companies to establish such a cause marketing relationship if you wish to contact a marketing agency for help in facilitating any cause marketing campaigns. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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