Marketing Principles for Change Part 1

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Marketing Principles for Change Part 1

With the myriad of new technology and tracking available in Greensboro marketing or the regional and national marketing campaigns, it is easy to be caught like a deer in headlights with fear that the next movement could be your last. The digital and traditional marketing platforms are changing rapidly with how people spend time on those media outlets. People are getting more and more mobile with smartphones, tablets and laptops. About 5 billion of the world’s 7 billion population will use smartphones in 2014 according to eMarketer.

Greensboro Mobile MarketingWith the change in consumer behaviors, what are you doing to cross market to that audience in mobile, apps, branded website, retail and with your advertising content? Are they getting a different experience when they use a different device?

Here are some marketing principles to review while you think about greensboro marketing strategy, SEO marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing strategy, and how to best reach your targeted marketing audience.


Principle 1: If You’re in a Hole, Don’t Dig Deeper

Take a long, hard, objective look at everything you’re doing. If it doesn’t add value or maximize efficiency, stop doing it. If the customer doesn’t care about it, stop doing it. Rethink all processes. When you hear, “This is how we’ve always done it,” please ignore those words. “Change is difficult and it will upset the apple cart,”

Principle 2: Take Action and Don’t wait on all the details

Uncertainty will always exist in the marketplace so be confident in your decision-making. Don’t fall in the trap of “over analysis.” Opportunities pass quickly and someone else will seize the opportunity if you don’t take action. Once you’ve made a decision, go with it. Reflect and learn from mistakes. You must first take action in order to have a success or a way from which to learn.

Principle 3: Be Okay with Uncertainty.

Uncertainty as it relates to business is the reference point. “You cannot be uncertain about your integrity, honesty and your core values.  There is no clear right and wrong and even if you don’t make the wrong choice, you might not make the most accurate choice, either. Its kind of like the standardized tests. Answer B may be correct while answer D is more correct so just accept that part and be okay with it.


Principle 4: Find Your Uniqueness and Leverage It Relentlessly.

Every company must decide what it does best – indeed, what it does better  – and infuse that uniqueness into all operations. This means that you will need to learn everything about your competitors so that you can establish your unique attributes in your industry and local marketplace. Find your uniqueness and do everything based on being the best at bringing that uniqueness to the consumer.  If you are mired in mediocrity you will not stand out from your peers/competitors, you will attract mediocre employees, you will have mediocre sales, and people may or may not even think about you.

We will discuss more principles for marketing change as we continue the series about Marketing Principles for Change. Princeton Marketing is a Greensboro NC marketing firm that’s available to work with you as a marketing consultant or work with your company on a project basis. Depending on your marketing needs, we can help achieve your goals with an efficient and effective marketing strategy and plan. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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