10 reasons why you should buy from a local business

By Laurie Panas Brackett

1- Read my blog on Think globally but buy locally

2- Relationship Development & Loyalty—When you purchase locally, you have the advantage of developing relationships with the supplier or vendor.  When a problem occurs with the product or service you have someone who will help you through it and resolve the issue typically faster and with less down time from your staff’s involvement.  You also have the advantage of exchanging your company’s information for sales opportunities with that company.

3- Quality—This is not always the case but seems to be the norm.  Purchasing local gives you the advantage of having a superior end product or service.  And usually with a whole lot less time involved due to less quality control, facilitation and shipping headaches.

4- Delivery—Usually your product or service can be delivered faster and in the condition you wanted it in which is not broken if, purchased locally.

5- Exceptional Product Satisfaction—Local businesses are struggling right now, so to stay competitive many have gone over and above to give exceptional service and added value.  Now is a good time to go back to your local vendors for a more than satisfactory product purchase or service.

6- Product Education—Buying locally gives you the advantage of getting updated product education and future promotional offers.  Not that this can’t be the case with overseas companies, but it is usually not the norm.

7- Negotiation—Buying locally and knowing your vendors and suppliers can allow for open conversations and a win-win relationship.  Ask for better pricing and negotiating terms is a lot easier when you buy locally.

8- Keeping your neighbors employed—Even if you are not an economist, as a business owner you know that higher unemployment rates equal a smaller purchasing pool and less sales.  Helping to keep people employed is not only economically sound, but it is the right thing to help contribute to.

9- Community Support—Monies that go to the local economy have a way of filtering to local philanthropic organizations.  If the local dollars dry up, so do the monies to your community clubs and charities.

10- Returns—Typically, it is a whole lot easier to return a product when you have purchased it locally.  And if the terms are such that a return is not possible, then working out another arrangement for future discounts is far easier with a local vendor than a foreign one.

If you are a local business and are looking for ways to differentiate you company from foreign competition contact Princeton Marketing Group.  We can also improve your customer service area and make it hard for your customers to leave you.


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