Hire Us!

Why hire us as your marketing/advertising firm?

  • We can save you time & money doing your marketing, media, public relations, facilitate and promotional marketing.  This is our specialty; we’re efficient and have experts that know what they are doing.
  • Our creative staff crafts the message to your prospective buyer.  With today’s computer software or template ads, anyone can build an ad.  However, getting the response and conversion takes understanding how that message is being interpreted to the prospect.  Cutting through the clutter is even more challenging today. Creating a communication message that will create an action is a unique skill that a good marketing firm can accomplish.
  • We are up to date with new technology trends, marketing strategies and social outlets, social media, media avenues, mobile media and on line.  We also subscribe to national media companies for pricing updates, have the latest in postal regulations, updated creative software and production equipment which will make either your online or offline campaign be as effective and efficient as possible.
  • Staff training takes time and if they don’t do marketing and advertising all the time it can be wasted time trying to relearn it.   The learning curve of handling marketing, pr, design and media yourself can appear to be less costly, however you are paying your staff to do these tasks that are probably not experts in this field.  Costly mistakes are hard to correct.  Companies could risk losing sales due to missed opportunities and effect their brand reputation in the process.
  • Do you know if your campaign efforts are effective?  Monitoring results is a large part of how we can make strategic decisions for our clients.  This data is important to staying competitive and gaining market share.  Without adding posting and analytics and evaluating stats, surveys and social outlets with your campaign, you are not getting the information you need to make good marketing decisions.

Princeton Marketing Group is more cost effective than you handling the marketing, media or PR yourself when you consider your time is better spent doing what you do best:  managing or selling your services to bring more monies into your company.  Let our expert team do our jobs by bringing the right traffic to your company. Call us at 336-854-0075 to set up a meeting to talk about your specific marketing objectives.

2 Responses to Hire Us!

  1. David Cox says:

    Would like to speak to someone about handling our email campaigns.

    Best way to reach is either email or 336-312-9490

  2. Allison Kahn - Marketing Assistant says:

    Hi David. We are glad to hear you’re interested in email marketing! Someone from our office will be in contact with you via phone shortly. Please feel free to email us at pmgsales@princetonmarketing.net for further info. Thanks!