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Social Media Marketing with Facebook

facebook pageSocial Media Marketing with Facebook will help your business with local Greensboro marketing, other localized marketing and marketing across the country. Facebook is an extremely large social network where friends and family communicate regularly and they talk about products and services in those communications. I have included some ideas that will help your Marketing in Greensboro or other local and regional areas.

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Is it “Free” if it hurts your brand?

Free?Lately customers and business associates have been trying to find the “cheap” or “free” advertising genie. Those “special” offers that media reps promise or extend. I often cringe when I see brands splattered along next to sordid content or photos, improperly printed in low res. or used with competitor’s brands. Is it free if companies hurt your brand? No. Its not free and it could be costing you money. The time and money already put into the brand to position it in the marketplace has been compromised. Some of these mistakes are easy to fix or the reach is so small it does not make a difference. Other times the damage is permanent. If you have a strong brand and it means something to your customers than it has brand equity. Don’t be too quick to give up that equity to a free or special offer unless you know what’s in it for your brand. If you are not adding to the equity of your brand than don’t do it. For more information on brand equity and increasing brand equity contact Princeton Marketing.

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Social Network Synergy – How important is it?

social mediaWe hear about traditional marketing synergy and have come to expect it but what about online marketing synergy? How important is it for the same message and design to be implemented out to all your social networks? That depends on which social networks you are using, what community you are engaging in, what kind of message you want to put out there and now what Internet Application you are using.

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Transmedia is not new thing, even if you are unfamiliar with the term. There has been some form of it since the ‘70s.  It can be defined as “the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies…” Do to the increasing inter-connectivity in our daily lives, this may be a major direction media and entertainment could be taking in the future.

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Debunking the Myth: Online Marketing Too Expensive

Today I am debunking the myth that online marketing is too expensive for any business. It does not matter how big or small your business is, online marketing is extremely important. And there are many money-saving ways to help your business on the web.

Here are some free or inexpensive ways to market your business on the web:

Join social media sites

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all FREE sites that your business can join. The only thing they will cost you is your time. Don’t have enough time? That’s what Princeton Marketing Group is here for! We can create a social media campaign custom tailored to your business’s needs and within your budget.

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