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Local Directory Marketing

Sample Local ListingsIt is very important that you are discovered as people are searching for products and services when they are using one of the hundreds of local directory listing services in the marketplace. The local listings have some extremely compelling data for local Greensboro Marketing or local marketing within your given city. There are several hundred directories that give your business the potential of being discovered with an opportunity to obtain local business from those consumer searches. Enclosed is a small sample listing of just a few of the local directories.

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Google Trends Becomes a Little Easier to Uses

Recently the official Google Search Blog posted about the updates that have been made to Google Trends. There are a few updates that should make getting more accurate reports on your trends easier.

Gwyneth Paltrow vino a divertirse a El HormigueroOne example they give is how it will help with alternate spellings and common abbreviations. The example they give is a trends report on Gwyneth Paltrow. With the changes, alternate spellings and similarities in “Gwyneth Paltrow (Actress)” the algorithms count other searches that mean the same thing “Gweneth Paltrow,” “Gwen Paltro,” etc.

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Mobile Marketing 2013 and Beyond

girl on cell phoneSmartphone penetration is now exceeding 60% in the US with more than 143 Million people using Smartphone devices. Android and Apple comprise over 91% of the devices while Microsoft and Blackberry account for just over 8% and then a very small percentage to others.

Web visits from Smartphone devices have eclipsed 10% while visits from Tablet users have also eclipsed 10%. The visits for smartphone devices and tablets just a year ago were just above 5%. Web visits have almost doubled for smartphones and tablets while traditional web visits are decreasing. This means that traditional web visits from a PC or desktop have now decreased to under 79%. (ComScore and Flurry)

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How Can I Convert Web Traffic That Doesn’t Make A Purchase?

touching social media networksThere are many options for Re-Targeting potential customers that do not convert. You can optimize your marketing spend by serving specific ads to visitors who have engaged with your web brands, whether they opened an e-mail, visited your website, engaged on social media, searched for relevant keywords, or signed up for e-mail newsletters/updates. You can target people who have previously visited your site with precise product ads. You can also use audience targeting based on demographic, geographic, income and intent data to provide highly relevant display ads to that audience. Whether you are marketing Greensboro, NC or other geographic areas on a regional or national basis, these vehicles allow specific targeting toward the exact audience for your products or services.

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Creativity in Social Media Marketing

Bees AwardsNot so long ago, having an effective social media campaign meant that you only needed to let people know that you were on Facebook. Boy, have times dramatically changed in the past couple of years. The social marketing campaigns are by far exceeding the creativity compared to traditional marketing campaigns as of today’s date. Many company executives now view social media marketing as important as their branded corporate website.

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