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Is it “Free” if it hurts your brand?

Free?Lately customers and business associates have been trying to find the “cheap” or “free” advertising genie. Those “special” offers that media reps promise or extend. I often cringe when I see brands splattered along next to sordid content or photos, improperly printed in low res. or used with competitor’s brands. Is it free if companies hurt your brand? No. Its not free and it could be costing you money. The time and money already put into the brand to position it in the marketplace has been compromised. Some of these mistakes are easy to fix or the reach is so small it does not make a difference. Other times the damage is permanent. If you have a strong brand and it means something to your customers than it has brand equity. Don’t be too quick to give up that equity to a free or special offer unless you know what’s in it for your brand. If you are not adding to the equity of your brand than don’t do it. For more information on brand equity and increasing brand equity contact Princeton Marketing.

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Social Network Synergy – How important is it?

social mediaWe hear about traditional marketing synergy and have come to expect it but what about online marketing synergy? How important is it for the same message and design to be implemented out to all your social networks? That depends on which social networks you are using, what community you are engaging in, what kind of message you want to put out there and now what Internet Application you are using.

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Communicate with Customers Using Email Marketing

Emails are one of the best ways to communicate to customers and potential customers because it’s economical and efficient  Today, communicating over the internet is widely accepted and email marketing can be both personal and unique to each individual viewer. Marketers are also making use of email marketing solutions to reach their targeted audience with the simple click of a mouse. The expense of this type of marketing is a fraction of what direct mail campaigns cost.

It is highly recommended that you hire an email marketing company that can provide marketing solutions and tracking reports. Princeton Marketing is a Constant Contact Partner which will provide your email contact list with protection and keep your email address from getting black-listed.

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Teach your staff to be nice

To be niceHave you ever encountered great customer service at a store you frequent? There is nothing better than dealing with a kind salesperson. It can make your day. However, not all salespeople are as kind unless trained to act a certain way.

I was amazed when I saw my pharmacist’s phone that had a note above it with the following written: “Always be nice, Say hello and smile, Always say have a nice day after the transaction.” This person had to remind herself to do these simple customer service tasks. But better to remind oneself then to not do them.

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Differentiate Your Business from Others

Strategic marketing can come in many forms. I spoke to a business owner yesterday and he said the last time his business was this bad was in the early 1980′s. Back then he owned a car repair station and business was so bad he couldn’t pay people to come in and do an oil change. He and his partner went after business by driving around town and helping people who had broken down in their cars. They were so appreciative that they started to patronize the business.

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