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Pinterest for Business in 2013

I do not use Pinterest for personal use. I don’t have my own profile or pin boards. However, I do occasionally browse Pinterest business pages to get inspiration or ideas. Here I have collected my favorite Pinterest business pages. These businesses have mastered the craft of using Pinterest as another way to market and advertise their product.

In no particular order:


1. Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture has organized their Pin Boards based on their furniture collections and furniture trends. It’s super easy to browse their collections by checking out their boards.

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Introducing Facebook Graph Search

GraphSearch4Facebook held a special conference yesterday announcing a new feature they will be rolling out shortly. This new feature is called the Graph Search. It’s the latest way to search and curate all things on Facebook that you and your friends have done: activity such as liking a photo or commenting on it, common interests such as searching for friends who like skiing. The tool is a great way to keep tabs on what’s important to you.

GraphSearch2Want to learn more about Graph Search? Watch this video that was posted on Facebook’s own Facebook Page where founder Mark Zuckerberg speaks about the tool. Or visit the official page Facebook has rolled out about the Graph Search tool.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Thanksgiving Greeting

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8 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Today we are discussing 8 tips for mastering social media marketing for your business. There are hundreds of tips we can share but here are just 8 to start with! Please keep in mind, most or all of these tips are for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

1. Share content

The number one most important rule for social media is to share original content. It can be your own or it can be others’ but you must remember to share. Otherwise, your followers will find you boring or uninteresting.

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